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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm Seeing Double

Would you be surprised to find out you are having twins? Well, my sister-in-law is pregnant with twins and they will be here soon, so it's got me thinking more about twins. She is having fraternal twins, a boy and a girl, which means genetically, they will be no more alike than other siblings. First of all, I cannot imagine how overwhelmed she must feel and the possibility of fears running through her head. She is a stronger woman than I, because I would not be as calm and collected as she seems.

So since I cannot fathom the thought having twins myself, I thought I would pay tribute to those of you who have twins with a lighthearted expression of how great it is to have twins.
First of all with twins, you will be able get in more exercise time. You will be running around changing diapers and outfits and feeding the babies x2, so you will be in such good shape! When they get older, you will also be running around chasing two kids, so you can throw out that gym membership, you will have your own gym at your house.
The next positive is you get to do everything twice! I guess that means you will have a good routine down because when you change one diaper, you can just turn around and change the other diaper. You will also get to repeat yourself twice, so if you don't get it right the first time, there is always another chance!
Next, you will get to shop more often. With twins, you will constantly be having to go to the store to pick up more diapers and everything else you forgot to get on the last trip because you will constantly be running out of everything. With this, I guess you will be more organized too, so you don't have to make a trip to the store everyday to pick up whatever you forgot the last time. Also, when doing a little research about twins or multiples, I found out there are many great deals out there for parents of multiples. You may have to search for some of them, but don't be afraid to ask about them either!
Oh, the praise you will get from having twins! Everyone will think you are fantastic because you are able to keep up with two quickly growing children at the same time! You will also have plenty to talk about with others, since you now have two kids reaching milestones at the same general time. You will also have much to laugh about. Not only will you be able to laugh at your adorable twins, but you will also be able to laugh at some of the things others ask you about your twins, such as, "Are you twins fraternal or identical?"-when you have a boy and a girl.
Another exciting thing about having twins is most people will stop asking you when you are having another child. It's pretty busy around a house with twins, so most people assume you've got your hands full at this point.
Your twins will also be able to entertain each other most of the time, so you can get other much needed things done around the house and get shopping the shopping done.
You will also have your own support community for twins or multiples. The twins community is unique and only certain people are allowed in it! People in communities share advice and support one another, and the twins community does the same. There is actually a A National Organization of Mothers with Twins Club. You can look it up to find out more information.
Possibly the best thing about having twins is you get so much love! Holding two babies in your arms and getting so much love and cuddle time might be the best feeling in the world!

Hope you enjoyed my version of the best things about twins. If you know someone who has twins, feel free to share this blog with them.

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