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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Playing Around

Play therapy is a technique used mainly with children, who have had change in their lives or a traumatic event in their lives in order to express their feelings appropriately. Children do not have the capability to express themselves with words. Their language is communicated through play since they don't have the means to communicate with words. With play therapy, children are naturally able to express themselves and begin the healing process safely. It shows children that they are being helped and understood in a safe way.

It is helpful for children who are dealing with parental conflict or divorce,  those who have been traumatized, children who have been adopted, those suffering from loss or death, children who have been hospitalized, those who have been abused, children who have been diagnosed with ADHD (see blog below), and those who have been in accidents. Signs your child may be showing a need for you to seek play therapy them: excessive anger, excessive sadness, aggressive behavior, trouble separating from primary caretaker, excessive shyness, behavioral issues, low self esteem, learning problems, sleep problems, bathroom problems, acting out age inappropriate sexual behaviors, difficulty adjusting to change, or other physical changes that cannot be diagnosed by a doctor.

That is a quick overview of play therapy. For more information check out the Association for Play Therapy at I have training in play therapy, so if you think your child may need counseling, please contact me at

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